"Wrap" in Paint mode in Blender 2.70/2.71?

Umm… where is it? I’ve been looking for a way to paint seamless, and then found out about this cool “Wrap” thing under “Stroke” in Texture Paint mode, but the problem is, its not there in 2.70 or 2.71. All the info, even manual, says its there, but its not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it moved? Or removed?


Looks like the wiki is either misleading or incomplete.
I checked and here’s how to do :

  • You’re in Texture Paint Mode
  • You have the UV/Image editor open
  • Set the UV/Image editor mode to “Paint” instead of default “View”
  • Still in the UV/Image editor (not in the 3D View) pressT then click on the Options tab
    At the “Image Paint” you will see the Wrap thing that you can enable.

That’s in current buildbot (and so it will be like that in the incoming 2.72 )

But checking again, it looks like in 2.71 it’s different, you still need to go to the UV/Image Editor, press T but the Wrap setting is found in the “Tools” tab, under Paint Stroke

oops , wanted to post as an edit, not a new post

anyways, be warned that once you’ll use Blender 2.72 , it will be where i mentionned it in my previous post.

Thank you! Had no idea UV Editor Paint mode, and 3D Editor Paint mode had slightly different toolboxes, I thought it was the same… Also, for anyone else running into this, you can also open Properties tab, and under Display, turn on “Repeat”, to have the tiles previewed in UV Editor.

Thanks again Sanctuary!