WRAP retopology tool

beyond awesome.

this is a much better approach than any attempts for autoretopology.

that would be cool, I tried to make a mockup :wink:

Hi @IvanGubarev

as a non coder I have to hope that you find that information in the Blender Python API

or you give a look at the scripts from GoB (Zbrush to Blender) or the Simple 3Dcoat Script. (3DCoat to Blender)

those are the direct download links

I would use auto retopology to create the base mesh that I’ll WARP fit to the rest of my models :slight_smile:

If I end up tackling this it will be just a simple object exporter/bridge most likely. Not sure how you would do things like choose corresponding surface points within Blender itself without some bigger changes.

Also, Ivan, any thoughts on an option to mirror landmark placement? Would cut down a lot on setup time for models with symmetry.

yes that was also my intention, it should be from Blenders side only a obj and texture exporter,
with the ability to trigger another python file - here any further interaction of Blender stops.

this python file or batch script launches the App WrapX* which then loads and starts one of the already made python files from the “PythonScripts” example folder.

  • with a Python code snippet it would probably need something like this;

def launchApp(exePath):
# For Windows:

I wonder how it would work with a high resolution scan model of a car or something like that.

Well, cars and other hard surface objects usually need some pretty specialized topology to catch details, so I’m not sure how well wrapping would do.

Very Nice,

I would love to see a addon that came with a few demo files :smiley:


Also, Ivan, any thoughts on an option to mirror landmark placement? Would cut down a lot on setup time for models with symmetry.

Very good suggestion. We will certainly implement it in some way.

As for now we have to do much work on stability, usability and some new features. So I think that transparent integration with Blender like GoZ will not be implemented in the nearest future. But there may be some workarounds like running WrapX with command arguments, waiting for results and import them automatically in Blender like myclay suggested. I will add this into the next update.

I made an introductory video to WrapX scripting:

And here is a set of scripts for those who want batch processing but don’t want to write scripts:


We have an update of WrapX. Now with Marvelous Designer integration:

Simulating cloth on a rough 3D-scan turns out to be impossible due to noise, holes, artifacts and huge number of polygons. Automatic decimation or remeshing does not give a good result as all the artifacts and holes are left in place. On the other hand, manual clean-up and retopology may take hours of handwork.

So we made solution which based on the idea of transferring a topology of standard Marvelous Designer avatar onto a 3D-scan. As a result you will have an avatar representing a real person and preserving all the standard avatar’s features like cloth arrangement, pose changing and animation.

More info in our blog message about release