Wrapping a cut 2D plane into a cylinder?

So, i’m making a low-poly flower for a game… these are the flower petals (rough sketch). i want to wrap this into a cylinder and then from there model it a bit more.

I tried making a cylinder first, but the UV-mapping was a pain, tons of stretching like there usually is when something isn’t flat. It was also triangulated which doesn’t work for me (there’s probably some easy way to get around that though).

Is there a way to fold this 2D plane into a cylinder shape (yes it will be low-poly and not totally round). The cuts were much easier to make this way + UV-mapping was of course very easy.

Many thanks!

You could add a bezier circle in object mode then use a curve modifier on the plane and select the circle as the object to curve the plane around. Much like how one would create a car tire tread then wrap it around a circle.
Plane and a bezier circle added and the circles origin point set to the planes origin point. Scale and rotation on both are also applied.

Modifier added and the deformation axis adjusted to required setting to get it to wrap the correct way.

Thank you FlyingBanana, i will try that!

Simple deform modifier is simpler.


@mkultra Apologies for leading you down a long road to a quick fix.
Yes, @JA12 method is quicker and easier to setup. Getting close to bedtime here so brain was stuck in hard mode.

That is the uv results with the simple deform set to an empty and angle to 360

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Thanks to both of you, the images are very helpful. What a wonderful forum :slight_smile:

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not sure what i’m doing wrong, all i get is still a flat plane, though its now in a circle haha
Edit: ah, i probably just need to face the plane in another direction…

@mkultra you need to apply at minimum rotation to the plane. Here is a video showing the process.

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Super helpful! Thanks again!

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For me Surface Deform is not activated, it’s marked in red. Though i seem to be able to activate it by selecting “plane”, but then there are no selections for e.g Bend etc. this is how it looks when i have selected “plane” from the drop down list;

no idea what i’ve done differently since it worked the last time i tried…

@mkultra the image you are showing is surface deform, you want simple deform.

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Thanks again! I paused your video in the exact wrong moment (when you were over surface deform). Doh! :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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no problem, repetition makes it come more easily.

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Yes, i write these things down once i have it working, and this worked without problems.

My next problem is cutting this all the way through. Knife tool doesnt seem to do it no matter of my setting for “limit selection of visible”. Loop cut is the same, only cuts half way through the mesh for some reason, watched a tutorial where someone cut an apple in half, it cut it all the way through without issues.

Sorry for the many dumb questions :neutral_face:

Edit: Never mind, seems like i had made a pretty sloppy job with the mesh at one place and it just didn’t understand how to cut it all the way through, for some reason.

Rough concept

only 23 faces but still in full 3D all the way around. needs a better quality stem among some other tweaks. I placed the 2D plane of an outgrowth just directly under the 3D main flower, so it will never be seen as a 2D plane. the main stem is just 2x 2D planes in an X shape… the upper portion is separate from the main stem and with a “roof” so that it doesnt look 2D from above.

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