Wrapping flat shape onto sphere???

Hello, I’m new on this forum and i’ve got a question to make. I’m quite a noob of blender actually, and my problem is that I didn’t find a good tutorial explaining how to wrap a flat shape onto a sphere. Basically the flat shape in question would be a grill that i’d like to tranform into a spherical shape (or just a part of a sphere) such as this one:

I’d prefer not to use any texture because i’m going to export the blender file into another format, just modeling then. I know it might be a fairly easy job for an expert but it’s driving me mad and i have no idea about how to make it.

… any idea?

Here is quick way of making spherical surface. Model flat face with lots of hols. I modeled one set of hex hole pattern and used Array modifier to make a sheet out of it. Then simply selected one of the center vertex and pulled it up with Proportional Editing tool. The tool was set with spherical falloff with large radius. White curve line in the image is the radius setting I used:


Try adding two simple deform modifiers (select bend) to your grill. Also create one Empty object for each modifier, to be used as the “Origin” in the modifier settings.

Add some angle to the modifiers, such as 90 degrees. Then rotate the empty objects to get the rounded curvature on desired axises, I tried with these settings:

Empty 1 (on 1st modifier from top to bottom): 90 degrees on X-axis
Empty 2: 90 degrees on X-axis, and 90 degrees on Z-axis.

This way you don’t lose control of how your grill looks like and keep modeling on it, but you can view it in the spherical form also.