Wrecked Santa

Santa’s had an accident this year, attempting to avoid some ducks. Criticisms and comments are welcomed. This is the largest project I’ve done so far.

Where are the reindeer tracks???

drop some fir needles on the ground, and crush the front of the sled :slight_smile:
nice work, i like the concept

Very nice Idea, If the turn is so sharp I would add alot more snow piling up around the edges of the turn.

Nice snow material :yes: are the tracks 3d,or made after wards?
You can also add a broken reindeer antler,and tracks from a heavy bag,along the footsteps,to make it more dramatic :smiley:

@Volume: I thought about that too, but I was having so much trouble getting just the other tracks that I didn’t want to do 9 sets of reindeer tracks. If I could find an easier way, then I would. I made a track, and then manually stitched it into the snow, which took a long time.

@spacetug: Thank you. The needles are a good idea. I was going to put some extra snow around the ground like it fell off. Maybe I can do needles and snow.

@Jaydez: Thanks. I might add some more snow there and fix the tracks around the turn some.

@TheCroc: Thank you. The snow was what I was happiest out of all the materials. And yes, the tracks are actually 3d. I thought about the bag tracks like it was being dragged, but I thought that was overkill. The antlers would be funny.

You could make one reindeer track and duplicate it a bunch then boolean it into the snow.