Wrecking 101

This is my first finished game. It’s short and simple, but at least fun to play once. I was experimenting with ball and socket joints and ended up making a long chain. It isn’t perfect, sometimes getting stuck at the base of the crane. Another bug: I don’t know how to keep the crane boom from rotating a full circle for the up and down rotation. At this point it can go into the ground, which wreaks havoc with the chain.

Wrecking 101 runs GLSL or texture face. Arrow keys control movement. Enjoy!

The .blend file is 28.26 MB. I can’t seem to save it as an exe.


It sounds cool, but it was way too big for my computer to download. Did you compress the file in blender?

Heh funny little game :slight_smile: Down (and maybe up) rotation should be constrained for the extreme degrees but you know that. Otherwise nice job. It’s simple and funny. The mass-power ratio is a bit meesed up,but still looks nice. Try a version with bricks and steel beams or something maybe? And continue to use unusuall ideas for a game :slight_smile: Take care!

to limit rotation i used invisible boxes(or triggers). parent one to the tip of the crane, and put the other where u want the limit to be…since its rotating in a circle i’d use a cylinder as the limit trigger and make it encompass the area where the crane moves. The complicated part is u need to make the box trigger be inside(or collide) with the limit trigger while operating(collisions still work with ghost objects)…in other words join 2 actuators and say pressing {up arrow} AND {collision with limit} will move it up and the same with down…just have to make sure the end limit for up will still activate the starting limit for down and visa-versa

@rexscuz - thanks for the advice.
I’ve been considering making a sequel with real demolition, as in the crates and other things fall apart. Plus, instead of a wrecking ball, you have an electromagnetic crane that can pick things up.

And no, I didn’t compress the file. I recently installed a file compressor so I can do it in the future.