Wrecking ball

Anyone know how I would go about tethering a wrecking ball to a crane type apparatus via logic bricks? This would be a great help (I’ve decided to learn GE again :slight_smile: )

Edit: I’ve got somewhere with rigid body hinges but how do I make it so I can move the top of the chain without it falling downwards ie make it gravity immune?

I made a wrecking ball demo that was included in the physcis demo’s a while back…do a search for the physics demos… they could be here?


…the top object musn’t be a rigid body. You can control it using IPO’s or moving it with Dloc… looks like the link is dead. try from here


Thanks a lot. Im gonna use dloc. Force doesn’t work unless its dynamic which is what I was trying to use before lol so it kept falling. Have to start again now though because the file crashes when I try to open it on startup, but thats good because I’ve learnt about the camera actuator :slight_smile: But its dumb how it has a limit on the distance from the object…

you can increase the clipping distance to a 10000 or something… in the settings tab when you have the viewport seleted… you could also use a joint attached to a an empty and move that with dloc?

I didnt mean clipping distance. I meant the max distance the camera can be from the object. The problem is that if I make an empty it can sometimes end up going round and looking at the empty from the side instead of the front, giving a bad view of the wrecking ball. Im using track to now cause I have uniform controls regardless of the camera view so when the camera swings round its very confusing…

the camera can be any distance from your object, limited only by the distance which the camera can see into the scene… this is controlled by the far and near clipping distances. Unfortuntaley the viewport clipping distance can’t be set as large as the camera clipping distance for some unknown reason. But that’s opensource for you.

You need to be more specific about your problem. As in how you want your camera to work and what does it look at? better yet just post a blend. There are a multitude of ways to set up and move cameras.

I think he was talking about the min/max, you cant use any number bigger that 20 in the blanks.

Sorry if I dont understand. But could you parent the camera for better control?

Actually I made this a while ago, it is just connected to a cube that I move with the arrow keys. Very simple.

Well that was a learning experience, I’ve finished my “game”. Managed a cool menu with spinning words and numbers. The controls vary from level to level. Btw I tried parenting the camera but it didn’t work for some reason…