Wrecktified Turret,

Made of components, and component cubes, this is a simple enemy you will have to murder for his pieces…

Cool, reminds me of one I did a while back:

I like the compositing on yours though. You might want to consider smooth shading, however.

No composting, :slight_smile: it’s a Halo effect test

this is a Blend render for making the alpha animated texture to be used to draw the beam in game,
It’s still just a test at this point…

How’d you do the firing effects and beams?

I’ll post the .blend when I get home in about 45 minutes

Here is the .blend

The beam is made of a set of 2 vertices 1(edge) , that is HEAVILY subdivided so it makes many points along the line, then the texture is a halo with Rings+lines and the “Flare” near the beginning is due to a second copy of the same 2 verts with another material, I added another vert, close to the beginning, this made it so 2/3 of the points were near the beginning, causing the "bloom

and the animation


Ret.blend (766 KB)

Thank you.

No problem :slight_smile: