Wrectified Easy Mouse

an easy to use FPS mouse rig,

Tune-able using all properties stored in body


WrectifiedEasyMouse.blend (457 KB)

Is there a way to make it less smooth, so the view stops moving if the mouse stops moving?


RotBody Z

the line


change it to a lower value

own[‘x’]*=.5 or lower,

Maybe it might be worth changing to:
own[‘x’] *= (own[‘smoothing’])

and adding a smoothing property, this would make it easier to use.

Also is it possible to compress the script into 1 instead of 3, again would make this easier to use.

Actually, Forcelean.py only sets properties,

The idea is you can use them to do whatever,
But ya, the smoothing thing could be integrated for sure,

But the same Mouselook could drive any rig with this setup,
A part or many parts can all use the property to do rotations,
Or positions or???