Wrectified - Maze Generator micro demo - Requires UPBGE 0.0.9 or higher

http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=43351 - pasteall at the moment

WASD - MouseLook

CTRL = show mouse cursor

Left click = try and pick up stuff using a ray

Left click while holding CTRL = click on door buttons

1 key = drop held item

left click while holding gun = fire gun

Currently just a rough demo but I thought I should get something out there for people to tinker with and feedback

I had been thinking about commissioning professionals, and hiring writers and using kickstart…

I don’t think I will be doing that.

This should be ‘grown’ by the community if it ever really is to become a blender open game project.

Core concepts here -

  • Maze_generator
  • Static_Physics_KDTree_LOD
  • Control_Proxy/Actor swap
  • Weapon_Control_Proxy
  • Code_Containers
  • Spine_Controller

Did anyone play?
what did you think?

after a little more adjustments and some more code the system will be ready to start sharing content like levels people edit etc.

next pursuit is terrain and potentially adding ‘merging paths’ if possible…

(if two open map ends are adjacent and the correct distance add ‘slices’ that fill the gap) bridging maze ‘branches’ into loops.

I played it and it had great framerate of 60.I like the halls.I found the rocket laucher if that what it is.You need a room to enter in from.

Since the building is a certain size.You could procedural generate all the rooms as the player walks to them.Then store lay out of the rooms and halls the players had been in python.So that the player can come back to them.

I played it too. It Looks great, the generator working well, shooting working well. I have ±25 fps (I have slower pc - so it looks good). I have only a few comments about gameplay (i know it is only demo and many things can be changed). I think that there is a bad collision of the player with the wals - it is not smooth and player sometimes gets stuck. Last probleme, I see in opening and closing the doors. When player is under the door and click on door buttons, doors hit him (maybe create some detection zone, where can be doors close). But others is good, great job…

This is actually only about 5% of what the complete game will entail,

the collision zones were done by hand and may not be perfect,
and are triangle mesh(I should relace them with many simple child shapes compound parented to the physics object).

also the spine child shapes of the actor have physics and are cubes, sphere bounds would probably be less snaggy*

in the real game getting closed in the door will kill you, and decide which sides to pop out body parts for the robots,
(so they don’t get popped through the ground)

Ive got bge 60fps, upbge -37/44 fps.

strange, I get 60fps in upbge and waaaaay less rasterizer usage

can you print screen your profilier Akira_san?

Here -> http://pasteall.org/pic/index.php?id=106436
I did not changed any of the settings. Used master dev build.

hrm it says its latency

Im using AMD video card R7 200 series.

well, I am using instancing, maybe nvidia perform differentially?

I don’t get a very high latency, but it does take max 6ms rasterizer, but regular bge used 15 ms or more rasterizer

New test. The fps is not stable, but its good image -> http://pasteall.org/pic/index.php?id=106451
Changed the settings to VBO and lowered the resolution to 1280/760. The fps change based on movement. The GI should be used with vbo.

Can i put pioyu my female zombie in the room with the gun to greet the player?She is dosal and would not attack anyone.I use makehuman to make her.

No, I will however be making a full game, this is just testing 1 system. (mazes using instances)

I still need to apply lamp LOD and component AI to the game, and have a system that loads terrain from a tree dynamically.

I need to generate terrain -> roads -> lots ->buildings -> and interiors, to reach interiors you will take elevators down into the base of domelike buildings.

I then need to make ‘change maps’ that spawn the stuff that will be necessary for the story.

So, world seed -> road seed -> lots based on roads -> building exterior seeds ->interior seeds

this demo is the system that will be used to store the interiors, along with a changelist to spawn in items from a hidden layer and assign them attributes (like enemies or friendlies, weapons puzzle pieces etc)

You said you wanted it to be a blender open game project.

yes, this does not mean a random story.
I already have a cohesive world I am presenting.

This is the feature i like in firstpersonshooters.I will be looking forwards to the next video.