Wrectified Needs animator and artist

The code is all working pretty well,

could use a Animator to bring the protagonist to life

could use a level module designer and component designer to bring the robots to life, and make the world spiffy

could use a level builder to bring the world to life,

this game is to be sold on steam, and the proceeds are to support game engine development,

EDIT: The wife says she will kill me if I don’t get some money back out of this,

So 25% of procceds will go to team(1 anmator 1 artist), 25% to me, and 50% to pay for an android port of the blender player,

this work is to also take place while integrating the new viewport code in the game engine.

I have worked for 2 years on this, and she says I would be a fool not to get some money to spend on my daugter. :smiley:

Your little guys definitely need an improved walk cycle, and probably a run cycle, stealth walk cycle and idle animation as well. Will they be using weapons other than the pistol? Have you got the mesh and rig in a separate file? Send it to me, and I’ll see what I can do.

If there is a possibility I can get paid later down the road I can make you some High quality levels, modular level items, game items, scripts, and player / enemy local motions; animations for all movements that look and feel seamless and other aspects I can help you with in the Blender Game-Design.

I need to work on a team that really wants to make so money.
I’ve been self teaching myself Blender with online resources and it’s game engine for the last few years instead of having a real job and I’d like start making something that can make me some income of some kind
I love the potential that blender has to give. I can’t wait to see what it will become with more and more games and teams using it.

it looks like I will be giving 12.5% to the artist, and 12.5% to the animator, and 50% to get android support for blender game,

also all assets are modular and reusable systems meaning we can make games really really fast from here on out.

The remaining 25% will go to my family (I coded this in 1 week about 30 hours, but it took me 2 years to plan it all)

I know it doesn’t look good but this is what I’ve done most resent in Blenders Gameengines High qulity real time GLSL shader mode
If you click it it loads in HD

Baked normals? polycount? how is your dark and mechanical style work?

hard surfaces?

Do you have any sci fi work to show?

How are you tile skills? Ever work a atlas?

The players normals came as a 3 diff types of textures when I extracted her from the steam free ware “Fuse” I can’t get the website to work for free rigging and animations to download so I’m just doing it all myself with blender. I’ve spent the last 50 hours working out the program. My fist creations in Fuse where but ugly.
Do you main my real time shadows from my sun lamp? It takes a bit of power for my shadows and light to reach throw out my playing field but I still get a steady 120FPS For a end game the player should be the only thing with a real time shadow to look the best
I don’t see any need to make a game faster then that cents most TV and PC monitors don’t go as fast for the refresh rate.
I know how to copy the normals and specular data from a high poly item and use it for the low poly object.
I can texture well. make items levels look nice even with repeating textures ; tillable images.
my player has around 13,000 polys / faces before I delete and or hide the polys not in site I expect to get ride of almost half.
Sifi textures are easy all you need to get that feel is a reflection map on the items and some point that light up on it like a lamp.

style like this,

I can volunteer as a part-time artist :slight_smile: I haven’t made anything scifi in abit but if you give me something I can give a crack :smiley:

Lets see what you got :smiley:

I have tile sets to play around with even

ever work off a atlas?

ever make your own?

Try editing the top texture and making it metallic, grungy and scratched

or make your own :smiley:

Still no art or animations recieved yet, I am aiming to complete the game in 11 days, so if you are reading this, and the post is not solved , I am not sure I have a artist or animator,

Need things to happen fast, as I need assets to build a level, then Add puzzles,
enemies, a boss, and then greanlight.

I am adding doors and switches tonight.

Dark Temples Spock is definitely out. Just saying. :wink:

that is the style.

like tron, but darker, more like
this video
Eye of the storm

high contrast, but dark, gritty.

Team = Formed

Thank you Blender Artists, for your Critiques, Techniques, and inspirations.