Wrectified Reboot Phase 2 - Simple Rig (before anything gets over complicated)


Math upgrades and code style changes demand a renewal
also using mouse over any to aim proved to be a poor design choice,
going to do all the same stuff with a ray from the players arm.

long code wrectified :smiley:

It lives again…


Noticed I forgot to pack the textures

Get it while it’s hot



Ctrl = bring up mouse

Left click on items while mousing to grab them

Right click while holding to aim

left click to fire assembly or weapon

R= reload

~ = drop gun (key before 1)

No Component AI yet, or dissassembly.

Mac10 model by Hanzo _Free weapon pack

anyone download it and check it out yet?
would like some feedback

I see, the blend has not been inspected or whatever by the blend swap team yet.

Looks and feels pretty good, noticed some funny buisness when pressing A/D and Shift. Gun, aiming, shooting, etc working smoothly! Not sure what exactly I’m building here or what it should do but I like it!

Also if you press w, then shift, then let go of w but hold shift the sprinting animation will continue to play but motion stops. This movement feels good though. Good work as always!

those are not mapped yet, so whatever was playing keeps playing,

shift w a, shift w d, and all the other combos need mapped, or to fire idle (excluded)

??? there are very few polygons in the scene, I don’t understand why you would have a low frame rate,

can you printscreen the framerate debugger?

I took a picture with the snip tool that is in windows 8.Here it is .

your running intel integraded graphics or something like that?

That makes sense!

Strange with the FPS there. Never dropped more than a few past 60 here

My processor is AMD E1-2500APU with Radeon™HD graphics 1.40 ghz.

yeah ATI/intel integrated GFX never really performed well for me, I had to go with a higher end NVIDIA GPU,

my nvidia 210 could have handled this @ 60 fps even.

Check out the alienware alpha, and buy a external usb 3.0 HDD or a internal HD that is SSD.

it’s a beast for the price.

or if you can find something better/cheaper more power to you.

I do not have the money for that.I will have to use the amd i have.

Well, my GT 610 lags here aswell due to variance shadow maps - they drop my FPS down like 5x. If I use simple shadows, no lag is noticeable.

Variance shadows:
10-13 FPS in your example
Simple shadows:
60 FPS in your example

Also, values like 2880 are useless as it will use 4096 instead due to power of 2.

I forgot about the big shadow maps :wink:

Yeah… Basicly the scene is rendered in 1080p resolution, while shadow maps gets rendered more than twice larger. Or - I am not sure. Is screen rendering calculated basing on power of 2 or not?