Wrectified - Simplification initiative

I have made a new thing, and it is good,

In this new thing, art is not deformed, and this is good.

these new parts, that are not deformed, are solid, and mechanical as is my art.

and this thing, I hope some day, to finish.

I will continue to add to this, whilst not having it fat, and bloated.

Controller - > Actor

No weapons or inventory or assemblies yet :smiley:

Take this file that you might enjoy dissection.


WrectifiedSimlificated.blend (961 KB)

Can they detect enemies and walk to them?I like and use recent vehicle.I actually modded it a bit.

It’s nice to hear you gaining skill with python etc, Keep @ it!

I could add a pathfinding behavior, but I think I need to rethink the animation contoller,

I need the character to walk if pushed, and fall animation if falling etc, so the steering actutator will work with the same animation controller as the player controlled version.

I am going to seperate the locomotion from animation (probably tommarow night as I am working pagios project tonight)

Walk when pushed is great idea and it playing the fall animation when it falls is great.When are you going to finish your simple rig in the game engine support and discussion?

This is going to be a version of that (first run @ the solution)

I use something similar in nonjuggernught, however motion and animation are linked in that,

I need to separate them,

Controller---------->Lists[Act], [Move] -> action/locomotion