Wrectified Technology Demo

This is a demo of

  1. Simple Mouse = pipes mouse X, and Y as properties to a target actor

  2. Controller = pipes keypresses to a target actor

  3. Actor Move and MouseLook = applies properties to move and mouselook

  4. Inventory - Slots that store game objects to be recalled later

  5. Hand = allows interaction with game objects that are containers for code, in this example it’s a weapon

  6. CTRL swap = CTRL key brings up mouse cursor and disables mouslook = Handy!


CTRL = Bring up mouse cursor

CTRL + Right click = place object in hand, if hand is empty

CTRL + Right click = place object or place object in slot, if you are holding something

Left click = activate code in container if the item is set up for it.

Why is it good?

  1. Distributed complexity

  2. Modularity - share game items between projects.

  3. Code containers = game objects in hand can define how they are used by the player, like a shield, or key, or?


WrectifiedCandy.blend (541 KB)

So cool, just the full rigdoll setup missing:D

Great work BPR

Thanks! I plan on adding to this eventually,

(a animation state controller based on Anv , LinV and if your jumping, and if your feet are on the ground)

let me know if there are any systems that you would like to see in here and I will try and Rectify them.