wrestling with pole target

So I’m trying the new release canditates to see some rigging stuff. And I’m trying to set some pole targets.
Two things that are instantly bothering me:

  1. Can I only use “outside armature” objects? this is the biggest issue I have with it. Keeping stuff in armature so very much simplifies things…

  2. I can’t seem to find any logic in the value used for the pole offset.
    Since this changes the roll angle? i’m thinking a value ranging from 0 to 360° would be what I should be looking for. So if you set up a clean rig chances are you’re looking for values like 90 or 180°.
    However, this does not work in the example blend found here:

If this is how pole IK is supposed to work I might as well stick with a track to or locked track constraint.Because I see little or no advantages to using this right now.
I suppose I’m looking at it all wrong, there were some excellent people working on peach who needed this feature/coded this feature…
Can anyone shed some light on this? How am I supposed to use this? Why can’t I use in armature objects as pole? what is the logic behind choosing the angle values?

You can use bones within the existing armature as Pole Targets, at least that works for me.

And while I can’t speak for the Peach team about why they had the feature added in, I prefer using them simply because they’re what I’m used to.
I was trained on Maya and XSI rigs, which almost always have Pole IK for each limb. Perhaps this is the situation for some people on the Peach team too.

That being said, your little FellaX rig works just fine without them, using the upper arm as a control works perfectly fine.

in armature poles work? that’s funny? might have been a bug in rc5 then… I’ll check it out.
I’m working on a little rig for fun that doesn’t need to have it’s arms behave realistic, so I’m adding elbow controls in, with poles…
I have no idea how rigs in maya or XSI work, my only pre blender rigging knowledge is from before blender, and I started clean/relearned all from scratch. Blender is just soo much cleaner…
Thanks for the reply, I’ll try the in armature thing again, and I think I’m seeing the logic in the pole offset as well. FUN!

Nope, I can’t use in-armature bones as poles. So I’ve just parented empties to the bones I want to use, and made those empties the pole.
Maybe it’s just that I need to get used to how poles work, but the IK chain seems to randomly jump to other pole offset settings (value stays the same) when moving and/or canceling another bone.
Like the arm jumps slightly to a different pole rotation after grabbing/moving and canceling the move on say, the leg.