wrinkle attempt...


I thought I’d try to model an old man from scratch. I’ve also used the new Unwrapping functionality to create UV maps in Photoshop. (It’s so easy now!)

Anyway, I think the model still doesn’t look right somehow.

looking for crits.

the skull top is good, the rest looks very generic or not yet modeled.
like the lips, the noise shape, eye lids etc.

the eye ball look like they are far inside the head.

also as it looks like yout mup, displacement map is mh to big! this are some heavy wrinkles :wink:


thanks for the crits.

I am not yet very skilled at realistic modeling.

How fun it is to face your own mediocrity head on…

thats no problem head modeling takes time to learn and it is fairly complex as well. it takes me only few clicks to get my industrial design objects modeled but organic objects are different special when they
should match an existing object.

feel free to look at my object here to learn a bit. it is still a WIP so
sextions are still not finished.

you might also want to take a look at the makehuman project and analyse their models to get an idea about how you could model a head.


The wrinkles seems really strange. (but the head seems good to me)

Some of the wrinkles looks like bumps, instead of being hollow. Try to make them thinner too.
The wrinkles just under the eyes are ok, but on the cheeks they’re not at the right place. They start from the top of the nose and go down to somewhere around the mouth, instead of starting from the side of the nose and go to the corner of the mouth. (this
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/12339537/ could help to see)

I hope it helps :slight_smile: