wrinkle face and skin - Update

This is the point I’m at with a head I’m working on. This is the wire and subsurf view.

And here is what I have as my partial refrence. Instead of this I want a more muscular and handsome face with a more angry expression, but this refrence is for the wrinkles and skin texture more than other things.
So here are my questions,
Is the mesh topology all wrong, is it better to change it now?
How much of the wrinkles should be moddled not textured, I prefer to do a lower poly style with subsurf but I want to hear what other people would do.
For texturing wrinkles, and skin texture and pores, should I just try to paint them? Any good texture example images here? I was planning on using the normal map settings in the material buttons, though I think it is a bump map, Is that best or is there something else I should be using.
I want this to be almost a comic book style look but I still want it to look kinda real / professional, so any tips on that will help.

Good try. I wouldn’t say that your head topology is wrong, You just need more practice thats all. I think right now what you need is to look at different head wires and try out things to see what works best for you. Don’t do wrinkles, texture yet just learn about head topology first.

Anyway try this mesh flow, see if it works.

I’d model anthing I could slip a quarter in then get the rest with a bump map. So the cheek the one on the nose, and between the eyebrows. I’ve never used the knife tool script. But it might be a good way to cut in some things.

Are you going to be rigging the face. If not you could just slopely throw them in. Go to the face where the wrinkle start delete it and then the same for the face that it end at. Then make three cuts through the edges inbetween…The center cut will be the inside or the deep spot of the wrinkle. Then place one vert in each of the areas where you deleted the faces. Select that one vert and the three wrinkle verts and hit ‘f’. then fill the rest of the faces. This leaves you with 2 quads and one triangle. So if your not deforming your mesh I guess it’ll work.

note: I’ve never modeled a wrinkled face. So all speculation.

Those are all good points, thanks for the paint-overs . I’m still not sure the exact nose shape and lips I’m aiming for. Rigging doesn’t matter much, but I will try to make an overall decent mesh that I can use in the future. Then I will be asking some rendering lighting and material questions.

k if you’re not going to deform the mesh a tip on cutting details in is start the wrinkle where you need it and kill it when you don’t need it any more. You’re probably having a tough time smoothing out the area under the eye. There are more loops there than you need because you ran the edges that you need to give the shape of the furrowed brow over there. Try and find a more localized method to give yourself that volume without sending the loops around the eye.


Still working on all of it. Not totally sure what to do with the lips. A lot of problems with subsurf smoothing out details I made, I’m not good at anticipating that. Area around the eyes is critical.

update – tell me what you don’t like etc. I dunno why hair always looks like it is flat and shadless?http://infinityanalog.com/epic/bookefa_colorupdate.jpg

Great work!
The teeth look a little bit too straight, though.

the scin looks like plastic, apart from that it looks good

My only crit is that the eyes are too far apart and the skin looks too plasticy. I would try turning down the specularity for the skin, and moving the eyes closer together.