Wrist and bracelet

Trying to imitate a picture that i saw. Have a new render of this, but my computer broke before i could post that, grr…
Not happy with the tattoo in this render, tried fixing it, but can’t get the texture right. Any ideas? Also, some material for the hair particles would be nice, they look very…sharp.

Another attempt…after fixing my computer =)

Looking good so far, although I’d tweak the SSS a little further, as it looks a little too translucent as it is.

As for the more organic bracelet, that would be a great idea. Just have either the middle or one side hang down a little.

Keep it up! I’m curious to see your progress.


I’d suggest doing the tattoo by hand - and bear in mind that
tattoed skin is scarred. They never look pure black either, or
have crisp edges at that scale.

Tried some tweaking, with your kind suggestions in mind. =) Can’t really get the skintexture to work, maybe too little variation? Tried some vertex painting before, but i believe that crashed my graphics card. =/

Does the tattoo look better now? I tried to get it more blurred, but im not that good at compositing yet.

Also, just 100 samples, so it might look slightly better once i get around to do higher numbers.


Looking better… for grins I would even try taking the entire arm (with bracelet and tattoo of course) and rotate it a bit in some direction just to give it a bit different look in the compostion, rather than straight up and down, to see if you like it. But whatever way you would rotate it, make sure the bracelet would hang naturally based on the rotation you decided.

making great progress, I think you’ve just about nailed the skin/hair. I’m curious about the braclet - is gravity supposed to be effecting it, or is the wrist laying flat? If there is some gravitational pull, the braclet needs to have an arc between the points it is hannging from.

Keep up the good work.

I would like to rotate it, but i’ve pretty much only modelled the arm, and not the hand or anything. So not sure how it would look from another perspective.

Well, i based this on a photo. That picture is taken directly from above, so the arm was lying flat. That’s why i kept the bracelet straight. But i think you’re right, it looks better if i looks like there’s some gravity pull