[ Wrist Watch ] - [ 50 Minutes ]



Awesome Nikolaus, but if your going with a viewport image, I would have applied a quick bevel modifier to show the shape.

Thanks for the comment/compliment Padfoot7726!

Some better shots:

Oh, and I will be using these SMC models in my BWC entry… If that is OK?

Thanks again,

you need to learn how to render your smcs!

I used to know how… :smiley:

Well, I guess that I will make it a goal to render them before the 20 mins from now on… Been difficult to create a nice looking render in BI for some reason…

you should set up a nice clay-render material and lighting setup to your default .blend

On layer alt-1 so that it is out the way till you need to render :wink:

You forgot to mention how awesome Nikolaus’ model is. :stuck_out_tongue: