Wrist Watch

This is a 2.34 test. The yafray export is excellent, but the creased edges weren’t as good as I expected. Many situations give bad results.

The model is quite simple as this is only a test.


Nice render. But I expect that from you. :wink:

I agree about the creased edges in subsurf. I feel you get better control adding vertex loops and playing with verts than playing with the creases.


Yep, vertex loops give cleaner results in my opinion, too - but I hope that the creases will be improved in future versions - I think it’s a very good feature.

Nice watch, hannibar - you chose a real stylish light situation that makes it look high class.

Fantastic, just fantastic !!!


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BgDM, your sig just caught my eye, very funny lol :smiley:


BTW creases work fine for me, but there is room for improvement, for example, it’s a but snappy at the extreme ends of the possible range.

I had very good results with creases (refer the spitfire), …

as long as you use in the same time the old method of loops.

The great advantage of this mixed method is that one loop is strictly enough whereas before creases, you would need at least twos.

the last spitfire is redone all with crease and with more much more details, weights less than 2/3 vertexs of the previous attempt.

The mesh being cleaner, easier to UV it.

Now i agree they can be improved

wow nice! what lighting method are u using? if it’s HDRI what probe is it and how did you made it so clean?

wow nice! what lighting method are u using? if it’s HDRI what probe is it
HDRI, I used the beach probe.

and how did you made it so clean?
Tweaking alot. I have rerendered maybe 10 times with different GI and material settings before I got these results.

Wow, eventhough most people are commenting on some new thing Blender came out with ill just say “Wow” awesome render, looks soo real _b

P.s Nice work in your gallery, Loved them all.

It really is a nice, nice render and good composition. I’d probably try to balance the lighting a little more between the left and right wristbands and to introduce a little more color, but “that’s just me.” I feel that since you’ve achieved such tasty reflective detail on the watch itself, the wristbands by comparison seem flat. The one on the right is washed-and-flat. If I were in the studio, I’d use a neutral-density gobo to knock some light off the right band (not too much, though, because the gradient is unequestionably a good-part of this composition) and then arrange some point-light source to give me a little specular, edge-defining action on the bands, gel’d maybe in yellow or red. I like what the gradient is doing to carry your eye and to define the shape, but I find my eye continuing past the watch and right on out to the (still-brighter) right band. I’d prefer my eye to tend to want to stop on the detail-subject; the watch itself. I’d prefer for my eye to wander out to the band and then want to wander back.

There’s no question, though, that this object looks very solid, very detailed, very real. :expressionless: Myself, mesees I still got a long way to go…

%| What did he say? :o Tutorial time! :-?

More than anything else I love the lighting with this, it’s like it’s catching the late afternoon or possibly just-after-dawn sunlight.