Wrist watch

Pretty new at blender so im trying to create a photo realistic watch but for some reason I just can’t get it too look right. Any ideas on what I need to take a look at? Also if anyone knows why I am getting those random black marks (lower left hand)

Your watch seems a bit deep for a real watch, but maybe that’s just the reflections confusing me a bit.

The glass over it should be reflective and this could do with some minor compositing - just a small lens distortion due to the size of the watch, and playing around with some small DoF should help.

For the black marks, maybe you should try increasing the mirror depth, or changing the background image…

also, I can see the edge of the plane in the corner.

Also, try a better lighting setup.

Did you use set smooth on your meshes? I can see the individual faces of your mesh in the links, and basically on all the expansive smooth surfaces, not sure if that’s what you were intending…

The black marks (I have had the same problem) can probably be fixed by either recalculating the normals on your mesh (T for the control panel in the 3d editor, then its one of the buttons in edit mode), or by using remove doubles (same instructions).

I think it looks pretty good so far. The render would probably be a lot better if you put it on different background, right now it looks like a typical cg-perfect smooth black background, looks too artificial. Maybe add some texture to the ground (like a diffuse reflection, some normal settings on the texture maybe…) or (agreed with previous post) a slight depth of field effect to make the render look more photographic.

As for style, I agree that the face is probably too deep, and I don’t expect a watch to be that shiny around the face area, which given the other things I mentioned probably make it look a little less realistic. The links look good though. Maybe experiment with a different look for the face part? Or maybe it’ll look better if you change those other things…