Wrist Watch


I’m working on this personal project for about a week now. This project should push my skills in photorealistic product rendering and presentation.

Project schedule:

  1. Modeling and Shading
  2. High resolution product only renderings from different points of view.
  3. Rendering of the product in a 3D created environment (airplane cockpit close-up).
  4. Rigging and Animation of the mechanics, specially the hands movement.
  5. Simulation with Bullet physics.
  6. Final compositing the animation to a little video.

The main goal is it to create something similar to an advertisement line with Blender 3D only.
Now I’m on the 1st stage of the schedule and hope to hear some constructive critiques from you guys.

Some additional information:
Render engine: Cycles, 750 Samples with the normal path tracer (not branched)
DOF not used now, so you can see the details clearly.

It is still a fan art, not an advertisement for CASIO, I used this product only 'cause of the model complexity.

Thank you in advance,

Matcap shading “Front View”

Full shaded rendering “Front View”

Matcap with armband

Full shaded with armband

Comparing to this(hoping is the same) here some little details (if you don’t have already corrected :slight_smile: ):
the text (g-shock and shock resist) are black;
the lines of the brushed metal texture are “short”, maybe try to stretch the texture some more or, better, change that;
the pyramidal pattern inside the watch is more visible on the reference, maybe you can add a bit more glossiness;
the 3 buttons are a bit different, modeling and material wise;
the 3 “quadrants” seems like they don’t have the circles pattern bump, instead is a plain rough plastic;
some edges are more round.

Thanks mik, I can see almost all the things you mentioned and can improve them. But I can’t understand which 3 “quadrants” do you mean.

These three, i don’t know the exact word in english:

Hi there, I really like it, but there are four things that I think should be changed:
1- The four screws in the corners should be black I think, like in the Reference Mik1190 provided.
2- The texturing in the armband looks a bit off.
3- The text “G-Shock” inside the watch is really hard to read. I think you should make it light gray, inside a dark outline, like in the reference.
4- Like Mik said, change the “Shock Resist” and “G-Shock” outside the watch to be black.
Other then that, I really like the modeling, and how you paid attention to the small details, like the N and Y in the top left of the watch and things like that :).