Wrist Watch

Hey blender artists,

I modeled this wrist watch and I think I’ll call it finished now :wink:

you can see the progress in this thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?442023-Modeling-a-watch
here is a short advertisement-like video I also rendered to show off all sides of the model: https://youtu.be/cgif7gNvntA

Hope you like it! Looking forward to your feedback


Blender 2.79
scratches, scuffs, smudges fingerprints and leather from poliigon.com
HDRIs from hdrihaven.com
final render with 2048 samples



Seems well above my basic skill, if I have any, but just one thing, did you use and surface UV maps, or bump maps is what I mean, as it seems a bit “flat” surfaced, a bit digital.

Other than that it seems great.