I am working on a project that involves a wristband … sport outfit … and I quickly set up what I think I should use for the surface.

I used a thorus that I tweaked a bit and imorted into the particle system. I fairly new to Blender and not sure if that’s the right way.

Anyway, just don’t look at lightning and materials yet. I just want your feedback on how to take on this wristband so it looks as real as possible.


pointers I can give are;
The random rotation (or particle “phase” I believe), it looks like you’ve got it all the way up at 1, slide that back down, I would suggest to around .25. fuzzy bands like this have a fair amount of structure because of being a fabric. to offset that if it is too uniform, you can give a little (.1 ish) true random rotation, and if that’s not enough give a little variation in the size. (the size isn’t technically accurate, and if you push it to far or get to close it might show, but from a distance it will add a lot to the overall texture.)
My last idea is simple, give your emitter mesh the same material as the loops, that will help hide gaps and lower the number of loops (and thus geometry) you have to add.

my only other comment, is that this is going to be a fairly expensive (in terms of computer memory, poly-count and render times and matching general model detail) way to do a wrist band. if you are sure you can’t/don’t want to do it with just textures and normal maps that’s fine, but I just thought I should give you a word of caution on that mater.