Wristwatch WIP: Need advice.

Large Image, plain surface.
[Image updated 5-31-05]

VERY large image, wooden surface.

I am tired of Google and Yahoo showing me stainless steel BLENDERS

2 things I have looked for, and cannot get a REAL straight answer from anyone or anywhere who knows these subjects well:

  • What are the methods used to get stainless steel (or brushed metal)?

  • Caustics. Most of the time it works, then suddenly I can’t get it. What, am I losing my touch? I know how to do it. I have done it, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated.

If you can post the file I can open it up and tell you what might be going wrong.

no promises though.

Here’s the Blend File for the just YafRay/Glass
Right-Click and Save As *.blend (rename the *.htm), because my server is crap.

Dark YafRay Glass??? How do you fix this?
Reminds me of the old RED LED watches of the 70’s

damn, ie is messing up for me.
I can’t dl the file

… man I realy wish I could help.

you should try posting this in Q&A.

ok i have figured out what you did wrong:)
your problem was you forgot to deselect the xml button which can be found in the scene(f10) on the yafray tab, you also have to set ray tracing on. here is a picture i did so you could see the results
that is in a bmp but i would change it to a png or a targa.
i hope that helped if you have any more questions just ask :slight_smile:

by the way your model is awsome as well as ur leather texture!

Thanks a lot, I must be getting sloppy with my memory, especially since I have been working on Clear Plastic Lighter Project recently.

Update, now I need to tweak the lighting and make the glass “less perfect” by adding some scuff to it.