Write object property to external text file

Hi all,

I am making a racing game and I have a working timer script. However, I want to make it so that the best lap times are recorded to an external file and are read back on game start.

I would write them to a property on another layer or scene, but I take it these properties are local and are destroyed when the game is ended.

Can anyone shed some light on this or give me some pointers?

Many thanks


Cool, cheers agoose77, BTW just two more posts and you hit the 1000!

EDIT: I just posted as you did Exalaberr! Your project sounds really interesting, and I would love to try it out and give feedback. I know practically no Python so if that isn’t a problem then count me in!

I know…OMG one more to go LOLOLOLOL
No, seriously cool though!
How is your race-positioning going?

To be honest its next on my list (I was looking at your post today actually planning what I was going to do!!) Thanks to yourself and a lot of other talented folks here I am making good progress, I have the following:

Speed limiting
Speed readout (in a visual extending bar plus numeric form)
A movement script to allow racing on walls
A timer

So a race position system is next! I left it until I could ‘read’ Python better so at least I could understand code!

One to go-999!

Thanks for the interest, I will PM you the blend within a few days (finishing up a small rewrite)


Cool, will look out for it!