write text

In blender the assign buttun can just assign numbers how can I make it assign words?

You can assign words (strings). Just put them in :slight_smile:

If I do that I only get a text in it named ["the word"not found]

Where is this feature? I’m not familliar with it. Are you talking about text objects?

You mean, text like it’s on tv, while a character is talking, you see the text about what he’s saying?? :-?

I am a bit lost. Are you reffering to the assign logic brick?

Just take a look and youl know what I mean


(copy the text into a new window)

Next Time You shold say: Property-Assign-Actuator or something. :wink: Just type in “hello” (inculde " "). That will do the Trick.

Oh … Maybe You don’t know that. You can also insert small math Functions like this:

  1. Make a Int-Property ‘XXX’ containing 0
  2. In the Actuator type this: ‘Prop: XXX’ and ‘Value: XXX*-1+1’
    Now You have created a FlipFlop. Each “firing” the Actuator will flip the Property ‘XXX’ from 0 to 1 and back.

Nice, isn’t it?

Cool Thank You very Much Doc :smiley: