Writer In Need Of Project/Team To Work For


My name is Sonit (or Tinos preferably) and i’m just a highly creative teenager who simply wants a team to work with to produce a cool piece of work with.

Now I do understand most of you will be shaking your heads to the idea of paying a teen, completely understandable, but since I do not really need much money at my age i’m asking for a pay of £1-£5 per work/content produced. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how much my pay is regarding how impressed you are of the content that I have produced.

So you must be wondering why would I get a teen rather than an older person to work for us? Well to explain:

Firstly: Younger people tend to have a much broader imagination.
Secondly: I am asking for probably the lowest prices available.
Thirdly: I already have multiple scholarships in Music/Art/Videography (Hoping to become a director someday :D) and currently i’m studying Art for my GCSE (exam we sit in UK (pretty major) )

I some tea will pick me up some day and hopefully we can produce great work together :smiley:

~~How I Will Help~~

Personally, my strong points are Script Design, Directing (e.g writing out storyboards) and Music Selection!
I may also be able to chip in some character design but that will be up to your team to decide :slight_smile:

Thank You So Much For Reading! And I hope someone can find me a team to produce content with :slight_smile:

(Payment preferably by PayPal )

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Hey Tinos,

Hope you’re good. Just some friendly advice for someone starting out in the creative industries.

I like your idea of pay me what you think I’m worth, its very creative. However at the start of your career, you should also consider offering your services for free, to build up your portfolio, gain experience in your chosen field and most important of all, build up contacts. The games industry in particular is very nepotistic so every person that you meet can be important to your future.

Obviously pick the projects that you offer yourself as an unpaid intern very carefully - there’s no point offering free work if the overall quality of the project turns out to be low. Research the people that you would be working with and look at their back catalogue of work.

Add links to any work that you have been involved with in your initial post, so that people can check out your work before contacting you. Just make it easy as possible for folks to decide whether to contact you.

As you are asking for a writing position, double check your posts to make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes in the writing. It’s super important to get everything right as this is your showcase to the world.

Hope that helps and doesn’t sound patronising, just the kind of advice I wish I’d been given when I was starting out. Here’s a link to some more good advice.


Good Luck!

Wow thank you so much for that aspiring few paragraphs! I will take your recommendations on board and follow your steps in hope for a future in the creative industry :slight_smile: