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Hi Everyone!

Here is my last work, some archiviz! Took inspiration from some renders I saw lately.

Models are mostly taken from those great websites (But I did most of the shaders from scratch): http://www.lucrea3d.com/ https://www.behance.net/gallery/21797423/FREE-3D-Models-collection

Rendered in cycles about 1024 samples, then lowered resolution a little to decrease noise and post in blender and AE. Used AE to denoise a bit as well. Render times in orginal res (2282x1440) where about 3 hrs on i7 4770k. I could render a couple of them on a 970, which took about one hour.

Hope you like them! :slight_smile: Comments and critiques are very welcome!



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Hi Bernard, great work! I really like the lighting, textures and materials.
In my opinion you can try to improve your image:

  1. composition: you should define the subject, typewriter or sofa? I whould sugget you to light up only one of theme. You will focalise the attention on one subject and the picture will be more evocative.

  2. just a detail: try to make the bookshelf as high as the room, it’s gonna be probabbly much better combined with the interiors.

Thanks for the tips mat! :slight_smile: