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This is my first attempt at making just a scene. Everything else I’ve done over the past few years have been for games or movie props. It’s also my first foray into Cycles. I would love feedback on anything, since this could obviously use some more work.

It is inspired in large part by the game Syberia.

Cycles, 300 samples, some post-pro and all textures made in Gimp.

And this is a closer look at the desk itself.

looks good, but a little on the low poly side, imo. for example, you could use the bevel tool just a bit on a few things, like the staircase, the bookshelf, the chair, and the desk.

Thanks. I haven’t worked on the chair or the steps beyond the general outline, so yeah they’re pretty low-poly.
For the desk and bookshelf, would more detail even be visible from the main view?