Writing a book, some pointers needed


Okay here’s the deal, I’m writing this book/manuscript, it’s a reality/fantasy crossover. Now i have this tiny problem… my characters have just ran out of their house after being assaulted by a being of some sort. Thing is, those beings attack everyone out on the streets too, and I can’t seem to figure out… what my characters are supposed to do now. I tried thinking what I would do myself, but I’m the kind of person who would try to kill every last thing in my way untill I’d be killed myself, and since I want my characters to appear real, they can’t take every being and I want them to live offcourse. So here’s my question, What would you do? Or what would you like to happen if you were to read a book where the characters just fled out their house?
As a token of my grattitude, the one with the golden hint, will earn a place in the book and I will send that person a copy(even though it’s in dutch, I am planning to make a dutch version, along with an english version)
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  1. Have the characters at the brink of being killed, when they are suddenly saved by some unlikely person or another. (Maybe one of the creatures?)

  2. Make all the creatures flee after some event occurs (revealing a weakness)

  3. Run, Forest! Run! (Just book it out of the town)

D) All of the above (Think Lord Of The Rings, when Frodo is saved from the Nazgûl after being stabbed)

  1. The Ghost Busters come.

  2. The characters disguise themselves as creatures and sneak out.

  3. The characters are captured, but escape later in the story.

  4. They make some kind of deal to spare their lives.

  5. They don’t get chased out of the house by creatures in the first place.

  6. They are killed, and the rest of the story is about the afterlife.

  7. Just write “To be continued…”.

If anyone thinks of a better possibility than the ten I just listed, I’ll include their name in my next post. But you won’t know, because I’m writing it in Afrikaan. :slight_smile:

This is kind of hard to answer but are you writing this from a point to point story and you do not know what happens next or are you writing this from an overall storyline you have plotted out?
If the later then let him do what advances the story to the next plot point.

Can the Dutch read, anyway?

Sometimes it’s best to let the worst happen. The creature gets them–then what? Maybe it doesn’t eat them, maybe it kidnaps them or something.

Maybe it only wanted to chase them out of the house anyway, and now that they’re gone it’ll be doing something in there.

If you can’t find a way out, you may need to backtrack a bit and re-write this section so it doesn’t turn out this way.

Maybe you can write a chapter and submit it to us (in English) and this will help us determine your style, and hence offer some guidance there on. Good luck with your manuscript - it’s a tough world out there for fresh bookwriters, but at least with the internet you have a greater chance of having your viewed by more.

Most people would dial 911 in their neighbor’s house, assuming they were able to get into it. What exaclty would you expect them to do other than run for their lives after being attacked by an alien?

Actually, since it’s half fantasy, you can do anything with the story. Who cares? No two people are alike. One would think of retaliating and one would just be glad to be alive. The thing that you should keep in mind is this: The reason why it became a story is because that is what happened. Otherwise it won’t be a story. Lol.:spin:

Some would also dial 111 or the local emergency number if they live outside the US.

For some others - They would go to the first internet cafe, log onto the www.blenderartists.org website and post a thread along the lines "Help we was attacked by a being in our house and like we run outside and then I ran/drove/rode my bike/caught a bus etc etc and then came to an internet cafe and posted this thread.

If it doesn’t politicize or moralize the story in a way you don’t want, you could have them go to a church or a school.

They could also go to a motel/hotel/inn (not sure about what time period its set in) or a barn (not sure where its set).

From there you could have the creatures show up in the motel room, or do something where the priest or the inn/motel keeper turn into one of the creatures. If you want the characters to live, you might have them leave town to seek help and return to save the day. If you want them dead, then you might choose one of the other options.

Still, its best to just choose whatever advances the plot to where you want it.

They would likely run and fight only when they have to. I would not use the advice of someone else here who suggested that as they find themselves on the brink of death, they are suddenly and without explanation saved. That’s bad writing - it’s a plot device known as something like “convenience writing”.
As the writer of the story however, I’d expect that you’d have thought it out a bit more. This incident may or may not be pivotal to the outcome of the story, but I’d suggest sort of “keyframing” your story, before you worry about details. List the major plot developments- where you want them to be and at what time, then fill in the details…
Just my advice. I’m not a writer but I do have a friend who has had many books published…:smiley:

On second reading, I think the original poster’s dilemma is this: “Would you rather see the characters fight? Or just flee?” I take it that after getting away from one alien

“…my characters have just ran out of their house after being assaulted by a being of some sort.”

they encounter some more aliens outside…

“Thing is, those beings attack everyone out on the streets too, and I can’t seem to figure out… what my characters are supposed to do now.”

I’d slap you in the face for that :open_mouth: With a fish. A rotten one.

What I’d do is run directly to my loved ones/family/friends, to see if they’re all right and for a general sense of security. Or maybe go to a police station, get some cops to omfg help!

Succes! (roughly translated to succes, for you non-dutch people. :P) Good luck with your novel! And why didn’t you write it in English :stuck_out_tongue: I wrote my first draft of a book (which I don’t think I’ll ever get to finish btw) in English. Helps you broaden your vocabulary, and broaden your audience :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: You have a nice name :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry, do that to every Daniël)

PPS: I also immediately thought of straightforward animating vs pose-to-pose as an analogy :stuck_out_tongue: Straightforward writing can be fun, but it can also lead you to a dead end. I’ve been there :frowning: (with aforementioned seminovel)

The classic novels like those by Tolkein and C.S Lewis would avoid overly cliche plots and boring and predictable plotlines.

The creature could be an interesting twist on a mythological creature, maybe not have the characters die or even remain unharmed. Think, what would keep the reader guessing and what would avoid predictability (like the cops coming).

What would be a surprise plot twist?

Anyway, the being attacking people in the street and the cops coming, that would be very predictable, now the creature attacking a select few and start to build a nest like structure in the street and fill it with body fluid as part of a plan to settle on it and create a population, would be a new twist and I’ll leave the rest up to you

I’ve started a book years ago but never finished, now I think I hacked in some stuff sloppily in that attempt and think that was bad writing.

Have 4Daniel run in and slap all the beings with his fish. That would be a plot twist.:wink:

Now that would be just silly. And I don’t want to die yet, who knows, that might be an insult in alien-land!

Sorry for the semi-offtopicness.

You might want to think about what you want to say with your story. You might also want to think about who your readers would be, and adjust your story to their ‘needs’ (that’s quite commercial though :P).

Okay, I confess. I just made that advice up, for the sake of not being completely offtopic.

You have to think what you want your characters to do. This is a time where the characters begin to develop, and you learn more about them. Write down 5 or so traits for each of your characters, and then think what a person with these characteristics would do. Go on from there. Goed geluk!

Bleed4Me you know I’m so glad that your novel is set in Amsterdam because there are so many esotoric signs in Amsterdam that it will be interesting to see what you make of them.:evilgrin:

Evoking Jenies, an interesting concept, you just never know what you’re going to get.

BTW Harry Porter got published by making the occult cool, you never know you might too. Especially now when you see Italian Monks starting up Heavy Metals bands and flashing the devils signs. And then paintings with even more devil signs winning competitions. The closer we get 2012, the stranger the energy becomes.

I knew I would see some conspiracy or stuff like this when ManDingo posts, like the whole 2012 thing, people worried about a major disaster with the Y2K bug when the date would roll into the second millineum and nothing happened.

Keep 2012 out, unless Bleedforme thinks it’s a cool idea.

Discussion of religion ends with this post. Thank you.

Don’t worry Plant Person, I promise to be good, you can trust me.:smiley:

LOL Cyborg Dragon, you love my posts, I make Agent Mulder look like an amateur. See that’s why the new X Files movie will not succeed, real life is so much more interesting.