Writing "Essay" on BlenderArt

Hi guys.

In our (a)esthetics class we have been given a semester assignment: write an essay on anything of visual, (a)esthetic value.
I have chosen BlenderArt for obvious reasons :slight_smile:
Now, I do have about 2 months and a half but I’m going to start writing the paper already.

What I’m asking for is wether one of you has some original ideas for the paper, or suggestions of some ass-kicking, destinctive Blender Art.

I would be grateful!


Is there any intrisic aethstetic quality to Blender art which makes it somehow better than artwork created with other 3D graphics packages? I wonder if it would be easier to broaden the topic to being about 3D graphics in general?

Yeah, use 3D art in general, if you want, so you can have a better selection.

I think an article about blender art would be a great idea… but i dont see how you can make a regular 5 paragraph assay on it… i think it would be a lot easier to write an article about blender, the community around it and what it is happening becouse of it, a lot more content with this and plus might actualy interest people in this field

Haha people don’t really use 5 paragraph essays much longer after high school.

i was using it as an example, meaning there isnt much to write about such a broad topic


if i have to write an assay about 3d/blender, i would make 5 paragraphs like this:

  1. Introduction(general stuff)
  2. Stills (bring good examples)
  3. Animation (ie. Elephant Dream)
  4. “Gameart” (ie. Club Silo)
  5. Conclusion(and maybe your opinion and point of view)

This is realy general, but it should look like this, i think…


I’m just saying that for college, with 2 months time, and on a research type thing rather than persuasive essay, just putting 5 paragraphs like that and handing in a 3 page paper is a guaranteed low grade.

5 paragrpahs would we quite abysmal.
We received some guidelines on the “essay” (it’s actually not a true essay as it needs a title page, table of contents, footnotes, a glossary and bibliography along with several pages’ worth of text).

I’d like to talk about Blender because it’s the most noticable open-source 3D graphics software. I like the open-source bit; anyone can create wicked stuff IF they have the talent and the skill :slight_smile:

But I just don’t want to discuss every aspect of Blender one by one.

Doesn’t anyone have a very good idea?
A friend of mine is going to discuss fashion and she will go shopping for clothes and just photograph herself with the latest fashion, using those pictures in her “essay”.
Something as original as that.

You have two months for that…actually the phase of gathering ideas and carefully laying down the detailed concept of your work is probably the more important aspect than actually writing it (in my opinion, that is). Don’t rush it…

If I’d write about Blender, I’d not go into technical stuff either. Probably I’d speak about my own history, how I came to using it and what kind of troubles one encounters when starting with 3D. Personally I think that many people just don’t have a clue what CG really means and don’t really accept it as real “Art”, like traditional paintings, even though there are many similarities. Well, that would definitely drift far away from your Blenderart idea but heh, I could write a lot about that :smiley:
So, yeah, not much help for you but you should take your time to find the right concept…

I’d probably go for a history of Blender, note the key releases and major features, and create a timeline sought of thing discussing development pressures(explain how the OSS paradigm influences this), major features, and Blender evolution in general. Show some images from various stages in Blender’s history and compare technical quality and show how technical limitations have(in the past) limited the scope of style and expressiveness.

I think timmeh is going off on a tangent there, the keyword here is art/visual, not blender development from a technical/social point of view…unless i misunderstood the first post.

You might get away with a paper on ‘what-it-takes-to-recreate-a-photorealistic-image’, outlining the elements of a CG scene ie lighitng, texturing, lens effects(dof/m-blur) etc… But maybe that’s still too technical.