Writing export script in 2.49 - bones, matrices, actions and armatures


I’m writing an export script for blender 2.49 and I have few questions about extracting animation data from bones and armatures (I think those questions should be easy):

  • How can I extract “original” bone matrix that was used when armature was applied to an object?
  • How can I temporarily put an armature into original pose during export? (so the object attached to the armature won’t be deformed)
  • How can I extract armature bone matrix for a certain frame of certain action? Action isn’t currently active, and armature uses IK.

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the only way to get bone matrix for action is to set action with “setAction” and then call Blender.Set(“curframe”, 1). I didn’t find a way to get “original” posing matrix.

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