writing multiple articles about blender for a magazin


i friend starts a new magazine geared to low and medium end 3d users.
i decided to focus on blender for thair magazin and show in each issue a tutorial about modeling textureing, rendering light setups animation etc.

i will use my metal work for the tutorial.

but for the introducation article i would like to show what is possible with blender. so for that if people would like to see their pro work in the magazine send it to me and i will select few of them.

i cannot pay i also dont get payed. i just do it for fun!

claas kuhnen

ive got this…

You can use anything on my website, linked in my sig. Just ask first, and I’ll say “Yes.”

I’m sure Blender artists won’t mind if you scroll around on this site…


Maybe email them for “permission for publication” on the ones you pick out…

Good luck with the publication…


well im not exactly a proffesional, but if you would care to have a piece showing blender’s ability to create abstract images, feel free to pick one of these:
[big image warning]





depending on how long it will be until the magazine is published, im working on a project that i should be able to finish purdy soon. (a futuristic office)
there ye be :slight_smile:

All of that excellent stuff could be submitted to the Blenderman magazine, too…

kick ass image with the steps!!!

mine? thanx dude! been workin on it for a while…

i will contact you here or my pm or by email when i would like to have an image from you with YOUR name in it etc.

just don´t know image size and resolution yet!



cekuhnen. you can use this stuff if you wish. that is the best of my public blender stuff.

also i can colour correct it, the images seem to display nicely on my monitor but not on others, so if you want to use any of the lego cars then tell me and tell me if the tyres look to dark or to light (they look really light at uni, but fine at home)

anyway don’t know if you would want to use them or anything.


SkeLeToR, that’s right up my alley. Hehehe. I have a few projects that make use of 3d rendered urban city scene environments. I love it!

just something I did a while ago, feel free to use it.

This sounds great I’m in the final phase of 3d development on my work project. I will see what I can get together from my 3d scene render assets for this web magazine.

Does this project have any future goals for targeting interest from companies and prospects that might be of benefit to the 3d artist that post work on this site? Or does it function as a method for giving 3d professionals and hobbyist artistic exposure on a web site?

Take what you want there:
All pics were done in Blender


hmm, so, what does this warning mean?
you posted the pictures anyways. not just urls.


i am off for eastern

thankx for all the response!

as far as i know this magazin is for users as a source for information and tutorials but not a web guide.

i will ask about promoting 3d artist in it.

my first article will only cover blender functions but not include any tutorial yet!

happy eastern and dont forget to find some hidden eggs :wink:


feel free to use all of my works, on the gallery or in elysiun.

here are some more, if you want: Check!

Don’t know if theres anything worthy on my site but your welcome to use it.


see link below :slight_smile: