Written Character Model Tutorials?

Hey there! So I’ve found one or two, but they seem to be different in what/how to start, and the one I was following didn’t bother with topology with the face at all. The Joan of Arc one I was hesitant on just because of the ‘cartoony’ sort of look of the finished model (I’m hoping for something a little more realistic), though if it does get into topology and the basics that’s cool.

I’d use a video (which there are plenty of, and I tried following the ‘Modeling the Human Head Made Easy’), but I have a hard time hearing what’s said and a lot of times I may need to go back several steps on a whim, or realize I made an error earlier, but it’s difficult to go back to the right place in the video.

(I so want to be able to do that Tim Burton styled character one. :frowning: )

So, yeah! Any really good tutorials on designing a character, preferably with an eye to topology and a bit more hand-holding than; “Delete the cube. -BOOMPRESTO- You should now have a perfect face with holes where the eyes and ears go. -BOOMPRESTO- Magically I have formed the teeth, hair, eyes, eyelids, and now I attach them.”

I know the interface well enough to be able to follow along. I haven’t been able to pull off much on my own trying to box model a figure though, haha. Again, I struggle a lot with keeping clean edges.

If it’s important at all, the model I’m trying to make is an emaciated Wendigo-type creature. (I know, I know, sort of silly to complain about ‘cartoony’ models, but I’d like to build the knowledge needed for those and my Wendigo is vaguely-human looking.)

If you’ve read all this, thanks!!

www.blendercookie.com Plenty of videos you are looking for on that site. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Sonic, but I’m actually looking for written tutorials? I have trouble with following videos.

I realize that this isn’t an answer to your question, but I would make a suggestion. I find that video tutorials are much more useful if you download them to your hard drive and play them with a video player from there. That way you can pause them, skip around, and even go frame by frame if necessary. I’m sure some would frown on this, but I will say it works well for me. If it’s a youtube video, there are add-ons for Firefox, like this one, that will allow you to save the video. I found that Streamtransport works well for getting stuff from vimeo and some other video streams. Hope this helps, and sorry I couldn’t answer your question.

As an alternative, there are a number of shorter video tutorials that might be easier to follow visually, as long as you’re familiar with the fundamentals of Blender modeling. They aren’t perfect, but part of the problem with a written tutorial is the amount of subtle detail in the human head. Still, these should get you far enough to work out the details on your own, if you’re persistent. I definitely recommend this one, as you can achieve a reasonable head form in a matter of minutes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86JiuZpbi_w&feature=plcp

Good luck on finding any. Written tutorials are not made very much any more. I like them becasue I think that there is more care taken in making a tutorial when the creator has to actually write out his thoughts rather then just start a screen capture/recording program. But since it is easier for people to just screen capture there do not seem to be very many written tutorials being made these days.

I used Model the Perfect Face a while back.It’s not written for Blender but very easy to follow and gives good results.

Thank you. I am sure it is rather good and could be a good addition to my reference document collection. Unfortunately I cannot afford the $12.95 to download it.


Sorry I didn’t check that download site and didn’t realise it charged.
Its on a number of sites, google found a direct download link here

The good ol’ Joan of Arc tutorial for 3dsmax can be pretty easily applied to blender:


lol. I too have been looking for a tutorial for modeling a human, until I just decided to try on my own. The results were nice. At least for what I want. I want to make a FPS and I needed enemies, so I made a character that would fit. I plan on making an extremely low-poly character. Something like the characters in Half Life 1.
If I find a good tutorial I’ll tell you. Or perhaps I will make my own :smiley: Text and maybe video.

There are a couple of books on the subject - check out the Blender e-shop. Also Jonathan Williamson’s Character Development book, which doesn’t appear to be in the e-shop.

That’s it… make fun of the old guy with bad eyes… I see how you are.

Written tutorial == book. There are dozens.