wrl import errors

Hi, Im sorry if this is a really obvious question. %|

I am trying to import really basic .wrl files into blender.
They are valid files as they can be loaded with freeware wrl viewers.

I am running version 2.33a of Blender. When I F1 and open .wrl file I get the followng error: ‘unknown file type or error, check console’

Console error is ‘In BPY_call_importloader(name=c: ransport.wrl)’ .

If I cant import wrl directly can I convert wrl to another type to get into blender using freeware? (I know, I’m cheap) :wink:

Blender used to have a problem importing VRML 2.0 files. It may still. I’m too lazy to check.

The work-around was to use an older version of Blender to import the VRML 2.0 file and export it as version 1.0.

Edit - more up-to-date info here:


I use blender 2.34 or better - i try learning to use it… whats realy hard after 3ds max…

anyway - the thing is 2.34 should b able to import .wrl files - but it actually does not.
I tried blender 2.25 (or is it 1.25?) cause some blokes said - use this version since some stuff is missing in “2.something” (they did not talk about the latest version - thats why i thought it might work in 2.34 again).
With the old version i can import the .wrl.
However it doesn’t imported the textures ->
“Image C:[…]\blender…/maps/metal_hell.jpg not found”

btw - i read the tut u were talking about - it seems a bit older - as it only works with the old version of blender.

Is it possible the feature to import wrl files is not included in Version 2.34?
If so - any idea where i can get a plugin?
I searched for some hours now but didn’t find it yet.