WRL import = too many objects created.

Hello. For some reason I need to import some WRL files into Blender (this is the only 3D export option I have into another 3D software). The problem is that at importing this files I’m getting too many objects. Basically every single face from the model is created like a separate object mesh and I need to reduce this number of faces but I don’t have any option at import time to do so.

Please, can somebody help-me to reduce the number of faces?

I will attach an example WRL file for better understanding.

I made a quick test of importing the same WRL model into Cinema4D and I put bellow the options for importing and the result of this operation.

Will be great to achieve into Blender the same results.

a) Import the WRL file.
b) Select all of its contents except the included camera. Hit Ctrl-J to join them into one mesh.
c) Hit S 0.001 to scale the object to a more realistic size, then hit Ctrl-A to apply the new scale.
d) Select Object > Transform > Geometry to Origin.
e) Hit G Z -19.15
f) Tab into Edit mode, A to select all and then W > Remove Doubles.

The kitchen should now be at the scene center, the vertex count reduced from 40K to 5K. It is one mesh, but the material assignments should be intact. Materials have to be recreated, though.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately for me Ctrl+J is not working. I checked into shortcuts preferences and is active for object mode.

Ok, the Ctrl+J is working, but only if I select only a few objects at once… I can’t select all objects in out-liner at once? How I can select all the objects in out-liner using a shortcut or script?

As I said, make sure the camera item that comes with the WRL is not selected accidentally when trying to do the Ctrl-J: Blender can only join meshes with meshes, but not meshes with cameras and therefore the join command will fail…:wink:

Hi, you can select the camera and use ctrl + i for invert selection.

Cheers, mib

Ok, I get somehow to work but all the front doors are rotated. Please see the picture. I figured out to select all the objects from the menu Select/Select all by Type/Mesh.

Also I can’t press the Ctrl+A after “S 0.001”, I need to press first the ENTER key and only after that is working Ctrl+A.
The question what I need to select from the Apply menu: Rotation, Location, Scale, Rotation&Scale?

At least scale, maybe rotation, better not do location.
If you apply the location, all the objects will have (0,0,0) as center, and that is totally not useful.
I normally only apply the rotation if the scene I imported was using a different coordinate system, so I had to rotate everything 90 degrees to get it right.