Wrong camera position along path

Hi to all.
I have a strange problem. I’m tryng to move a camera alonga a path, while tracking an object. I have a couple of constraint: “Track to” and “Follow Path”.

The “Track To” constraint works great, but the “Follow path” one doesn’t.
When i set the Follow constraint, the camera is displaced very long from the path, thougth the position of the camera is in the same position of the first vertex on the path. Besides, the tracking of the object goes wrong.

The path is a bezier 3D curve, with curve to path toggled. The refernce axis are -Z tracking, Y up and X tangent

The Blender version is 2.34
Thank you

Try to clear the origin of the camera (it’s ALT-O i think, with the camera selected in object mode … )

// bagge

Hey, does work!

Thank you very much!!!