Wrong color after render and save to image

I have a problem with blender 2.79 and blender 2.8.
When I finish render and save to image, this image color not same with the color in render review.
Please help me out!!!

Here is my setting for save to image
Another render


May be losing bit depth in whatever you are viewing in. You may be saving 16bit color depth but only able to display 8bit.

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I’m guessing some kind of color profile not being stored or read, or alpha being arbitrarily previewed? What’s the scene/color management setup? You’re showing composite, anything going on there?

Hard to guess without a file to examine.

For visible colors, I wouldn’t expect bit depth to cause anything (except in lightness gradient).

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@ajm @CarlG Thanks for your help!!!
Here is my compositing, it very simple.

My color management.

You’re pushing colours around in composite (S-curve, never noticed that Film like mode though). I would expect the final render to be different than the preview.

@CarlG The problem still the same without RGB Curves node :frowning: