Wrong colors after video rendering

Color after rendering an image in video format is displayed incorrectly. I tried all the codecs, the result is always the same, the color becomes tinged with orange. But if render with a resolution of 50% less, then everything is fine.

Are you rendering out straight to video, or individual frames? I guess it could be the result of some kind of compression?

I rendered the animation frame by frame in PNG, the color does not change. Then I made a video from frames, for example, using the H.264 codec, then the color changes.

what app you rendered video with? export color management settings?
make a test scene (simple colored sphere) for analysis/sharing

Rendered the video in blender as well.

Render options

Video color settings

Frame color settings


0001-0019.mkv (323.7 KB)

so, does this example show same issue?
looks ok

Did you compare the video with the image? Because the difference is noticeable. In the video, red is slightly pale.

video on the left, image on the right

I’m guessing here, but it seems to me that it’s something to do with how the video encodes colors. It seems to use different values, and so converts them to the format it supports. That’s my guess. Have you tried changing from FFmpeg to another format?

Yes, I tried all formats. It is interesting that if the resolution is set to 50%, then the color is not distorted.