Wrong Display of special characters of a text object

Hi Everyone,

I pasted a text file with special characters into a text object and had to find out, that there are some special characters, that are displayed wrongly. Especially characters with small extra signs on regular letters cause problems. These are Letters typical for some Eastern Europe, Turkish and Scandinavian languages like the “Å”, “Ç” and the “Ş”. At the point, where the extra signs meet the letters, Blender interprets the overlapping of the curves, the letters are made of, as a gap or hole. When I change the textobject to a curve or a mesh, this “display problem” causes errors.
Does anyone know a way, to avoid this?


Convert to a curve, manually edit the curves to overcome the overlap then convert to a mesh if you need a mesh object

Thanks for your fast reply!
That´s the manual way, I would choose, if I had only a few Letters.
But I hope to find an automatic way, which is also useful for bigger text data.
The best way would be, to prevent Blender from its wrong way of displaying the letters.
I think it is a problem of the overlapping curves, the letters are made of. Normal Writing Apps don´t misinterpret those Overlapping Curves. And I tested some of the most used fonts like Times, Arial, Helvetica, etc.
They all work with overlapping curves instead of a closed curve for every special character.

So maybe this is something, that should be improved in Blender. But before I ask the developers for this improvement, I want to be sure, if I haven´t missed any Button in Blender, that solves this problem.