Wrong local 3d coordinates system->no normals


I’ve imported a file from 3dMax to Blender. Now I try to texture a wall with the the node editor. What is wrong with this picture. It has just quad faces but it seems to have triangle faces.

Also the face normals doenst appear when set to on and recalculated the normals.

Maybe an import problem? But why can i see the face, select it, delete it and make a new face? The problem persists.

Any idea?

Thanks, Twan

Looks to me like you just need to reunwrap the model. Check to see if you have doubled verts.

I think the problem is because of wrong imported Local 3d coordinate system from 3dmax to Blender. Does anyone know how to fix this?


The draw normals option gives an very tine blue line even when set to 2.0. When displaying the objects axis, it is also very very small in size. This indicates to me that there is something wrong with the mesh, but i dont know what. I tried to convert it to another mesh: no result, recalculated normals: no result

Any help really appreciated.
Thanx Twan

Post .blend file then we see.

In the blend file you see the blue cube showing the normals in editmode and a normal size axis in object mode.

The red wall is imported from 3dmax and doesnt show the normals in editmode and just a tiny axis in objectmode.

Thanks for the help, Twan

Red wall is scaled down from 1 ( what is normal size ) to 0.003 !!!
To see it press N-key in object mode to show TransformProperties panel.
I think it was wrong import settings or scripts fault or something else. Really this wall is huge (10000 x 1440 x 3720 ) and if you want wall size as you see in viewport just Ctrl-A in object mode and 1 or 3 to apply scale to mesh. After that Normals size is ‘normal’ :wink: - Blender scales Normal length while object is scaled - small bug I think.
If you want to see real dimension in viewport, perform Alt-S to clear scaling and … probably nothing to see , if so goto View menu > ViewProperties and increase ClipEnd to 10000 or more.
About triangle faces - texture InputMap is set to UV but wall has no UV map if so you have to UV unwrap first.
Cheers :slight_smile:

If you ever see your normals looking wonky always apply the scale and/or rotation, I’ve done it before and it fixes the normals, maybe try scaling in editmode if you need to scale it.

Thanks for giving the solution, it must be a import error/bug but i have it fixed now!