wrong order for render


This is a screenshot from a game I’m making. As you can see, I’m having a little issue. Everything looks fine in Textured Draw mode, but when I hit ‘p’ and start walking around, this happens. The normals are oriented as they should be, no transparency elements are applied, and I’ve recreated it from scratch and still had this happen (the white bar is simply untextured, no issue there).

Why are faces in the background rendering in front of faces in the foreground?

Well, I’ve found that all the faces in my model are set to ‘alpha’ instead of ‘opaque’ and that’s why they’re rendering out of order. Now I know how to fix it, but at the same time, I have a model with several thousand faces that need to be switched to opaque. It seems the ‘texture face’ block only affects the active face. Is there a way to make that change en mass?

Yup, select a face, click “Opaque” (or whatever) and then select all. In the 3d view do CTRL+C and then choose “copy drawmode” (??)

Thanks! All the documentation I could find talked about ‘copy draw mode’ or something, which wasn’t in 2.46

I have absolutely no idea why they removed that button. There is literally no reason for it…

Where do we go to submit requests for those kind of changes??

I have a recent Apricot build and it looks like they added some copy buttons back in the interface (though different, they do the same things)

Where did the delete button go?
(Mods, please delete this post, I’d like the admin to make the delete button always available too…)