Wrong orientation camera tracking

Hi all,
sorry for my English, I write from Italy. I will try to explain my problem:
I’m tracking a footage with a solver error 0.2973. When I try to set the floor, the orientation of the camera is wrong (see screenshot).

So I tried to manually orient the camera, but even if well oriented respect to the xyz axes, geometry is wrong as you can see from the screenshots below (the selected marker appears to be on the same plane but it is lower).

The video was recorded by a roof of a house so much higher than the road. It seems that Blender is not able to recognize this height and set the floor in a wrong point of view.
Can someone help me solve this problem?


I am having the same issues with other footage, and manually orienting the camera does not produce a clean result. Regardless of what I set as the floor or wall, the setup is ALWAYS wrong. Any help? Thanks!


Are the points you select for floor really on floor and on the same plane?
Is the solve correct? Small error does not necessarily mean that it is correct.
After aligning, where do the floor points end up? On the ground plane or not?

Where the camera is (high above road etc) is not really important, as high is a very relative term. In natchmoving, the solve itself and absolute scale of the scene are two very loosely related parts of solution. Solving usually works with relative positions and constraints and after solving, scene is transformed to satisfy absolute constraints.