Wrong Rigib body settings ? Rigid body goes through passive object

Hello Blender community,

I am getting crazy with a simple animation. I need a coffea capsule to fall into the bowl shape underneath… and roll there to look accurate

I guide it inside with an animation then let the rigid body simulation do its magic but the capsule goes through the bowl…

Certainly some settings that I am not using properly…

If someone would be kind enough to open the attached blend (simplified from my original scene to focus on the issue) that would help me a lot.

Thanks a lot

test_rb.blend (909 KB)

I just played with it till I got it closer to what you said you wanted. You will have to look to see what is different.
It would seem that using convex hull on the container cause it to bounce off the opening. So I used mesh.

Thank you darkcgi… Your tweaks allowed me to simulate… shame that realistic numbers for the weight did not allow for realistic simulation.