Wrong Rotation of particles in Boids

Hello, my english is bad, i hope everyone understands me. I’m new with Blender and have the follow problem.
I’m trying to create a bird swarm with particle Boids. The “original” bird is designed and has a rig with the correct animation (move of the head, the swings …). Then i have the boid particle system adjust with the bird (as group, because 5 birds with different animations). My problem is, that the bird doesn’t look in the direction of fly. If i rotate the origin of the bird, the move of the bird is destroyed (it’s clear, the rig is adjust on the origin). I can’t find a button to rotate the emitted birds. How i can rotate the emitted birds in the particle system to the correct direction ? Thank you for a helpful tip. With greetings from cologne in germany.

Ha, i’ve the solution :eyebrowlift: I go to the begin of the animation-timeline. Then i rotate the rig in the (important !!!) pose-mode (and not in the objekt mode). The mesh of the original bird follows. In this case the particles (also the birds) of the system rotate too. And at least i set a rotation keyframe for the original-rig bird, otherwise the birds return to the old direction. Now the particles (also the birds) have the correkt direction.

Your English is fine. Welcome to Blender and the forum! Thanks for taking the time to post the answer to your question. I’ve wanted to try this with boids and your post will help avoid some problems.