Wrong rotation.

I have problem duplicating several object on a polygon line. When I did, they will turn and not be in the correct way

they should be, although I already applied transform to all of them. Pls see screen captured that I copied down here

for your reference. Pls kindly advise. Thank you so much.


No rotation. Click the rotation button see if that helps. woops! edit edit it is clicked. humm??
Its because when you model the circle each vert is not enough to tell its rotation. I do not think a vert has a rotation. So if you can make circle with faces and use dupli faces. let me go do a test.
Ya I believe you can get better results with faces but in 2d if you bend the mesh on the z it is a problem. I could be wrong there may be another way. I would not have replied but At first i thought it was a easy fix.
What are you making? Maybe there is a easier way.

Thank you for your reply. I am still looking for the best solution, meanwhile trying to arrange the line. Thanks for dropping by to explain. Hope we can find way out !

No, rotation doesnt work like that, it simply mimics the rotation of the original object, you need to have a path for the objects to follow, your probably better off with an array rather than duplicatees

Thank you for your kind advice. I will try again.