Wrong trust level displayed

Hi dear moderators!

Could you please fix my trust level display - it shows that I’m a New User however I have a member Budget for a pretty long time.

Hey @DotBow , you can change it yourself. Go to your preferences and change your title.


Where exactly is the “Title” option located?

Can’t find it either. After avatar it shows devices.

I get the same thing as you. @bartv why does some users have a “Title” option?

Here is how preferences page looks for me:

Yeah, that is weird.

Looking into it

I’ve identified the issue, and will bring this up with Bartv. I’ve changed your title to “Member” @DotBow manually.

Feel free to reach out if you need anything else!

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This was most likely a trust level issue, but I’m not sure about the how and why. I’ll revisit this if more people complain.

I’m curious to know why/how filibis gets a choice of titles.

Due to a trust level system that we have. I dont think its behaving as it should in this case. We’re looking into it

Both things in this thread are coming from the same issue, got it, thanks.

Here is one more. I have the same issue.

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Fixed manually.

I looked into this deeper and it’s indirectly tied to the Trust Levels: The trust level awards you a badge, and TL3 badges and higher have the option ‘Allow badge to be used as a title’ enabled. (@FinalBarrage you WERE right, after all!).

In addition, we imported the old titles from vBulletin and those are no longer related to anything we currently have in the database. I’m not sure what the best way forward here is, to be honest. The whole title system is a little confusing in Discourse.

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You sound somewhat surprised :sweat_smile:

Haha, well yeah I was very convinced a badge could never do that :joy:


Yea me neither, ended up making two new fresh accounts to confirm it.

I am having the same issue :frowning: