Wrong UVs when exporting to obj

Hey there folks, been using Blender on and off for a few months now and am fairly competent at this point, but I’m stuck on a confusing problem and am sure I’m overlooking something simple. Basically, I’m working on a model that originally was imported as an obj file. It brought a material with it, which I redirected the texture of to a new file location, then adjusted the model’s geometry and UVs to accommodate the changes I needed.

From here, all that’s left is to export back out to an OBJ. The problem is, when I do this, the UVs are wrong! It looks fine in the UV editor and in the viewport, and the exported UVs aren’t gibberish, they definitely look coherent… when I’ve seen this sort of behavior with something like 3DS Max it usually meant you had multiple UV channels but an exporter that didn’t support that, so it just picked the first or last. Is that the case here, too? Is there something I can do to double-check this?

I’m using Blender 2.53 with the included obj exporter. Thanks in advance, this is really baffling me!

I haven’t tested the OBJ exporter with other software. But I did test an export for OBJ from Blender and a import of that file to another blend file and it kept the UV just fine. you always have the Export UV Layout option, it will generate an SVG and maybe it is possible to open that in other softwares…


bugfix [#22037] OBJ exporter produce wrong UV

I don’t doubt the export UV layout plugin will export the UVs I’m seeing in Blender correctly, and I’ve successfully exported dozens of models at this point using the same exporter… I’m just not sure what’s different about this one, and was hoping someone might know why the UVs I see in Blender aren’t the ones that the obj exporter ends up exporting.

Looking at the diff Conz3D linked, that’s actually the obj importer that got modified rather than the exporter, and my model’s texture coordinates look fine in the modeler.