WRX/WRCish type car

Playing around today I decided it was time I really sat down and figured out car modelling. So I just picked one of my favorite type of rally cars and started going…

Of course, C&C and some tips are always welcome :slight_smile:


I dont know if I like that vert by where the headlight will be that has 3 edges coming together :-?

3 edges coming toghether are OK. More then five are a big problem.

Thanks, cipix.

Taking a “break” from homework :wink: I modelled a bit more


Cool model, looks very good!

doesnt look bad at all, my only suggestion would be to get your wheel arch edgeloops in now, it makes things much easier later. at the moment the arches are just a warped grid.

Another little update…

traitor: how should wheel arch edgeloops look? I’ve never modelled a car before and I’m not following any sort of tutorial… which is probably why my mesh is pretty unsightly, lol
My first thought was that I could just smooth out the little grid you mentioned and it would be ok, but…?

Oh, also I’m not following my references that closely at all… I’m actually doing parts of this from memory, so if some parts are obviously not in the style of the car, let me know (hence the title “WRX/WRCish type car” instead of a specific one)

continuing on the trend of very small updates… lol it’s hard to stay focused


rescued from page 2… silence means a job well done, right? :wink:

TODO: tires, mirror, smoothing tweaks, misc stuff (like those little vents which need fixing, etc…)


Anything, guys?